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  • Massimo Usai


These days, undoubtedly because of the free time we have to spend, we stay too much time of it online.

Even if we had promised to ourselves to use this time to take care of our passions, in reality, we are not put the right effort to use in a good way with the new free time we have it.

Let me be clear. I am also on the same wave of everyone. Even if I manage to isolate myself for one or two days, then at a certain point, I fall the tide again, and I found myself online like crazy for hours and hours.

I am always glued to follow my social networks, news and telephone calls to relatives and friends to see how they are going and how they feel.

Many videos are being posted online "explaining" how things are, the majority are accurate, precise and scientific.

Then we have the videos full of hopes and analysis how we can benefit from this lesson to our humanity.

There is no shortage of funny videos, some of which make you laugh a lot. Lastly, there are videos of the Gurus and the anonymous Doctors. Those who failed in their profession and are looking for visibility they never had before.

Out of curiosity, or because I have pushed to see those by friends who put them on social networks or sending me private links, I watch some of those.

We have videos of those who want us to believe that "It is like the normal flu", of those who "if we ate fewer animals it would not have happened". Then those who explain to us that "already sick people are dying so much and the virus just anticipates the normal conclusion of they live" or that in Germany, they have fewer deaths because they "hide the real data".

To get to those who accuse the fact that the Chinese created the Virus in the laboratory and "escaped", to end up with those who think there is a kind of organization worldwide of criminals, that is creating this panic to destabilize the Earth and bring economic and political power to "some subjects that will control the entire Planet".

Without forgetting that there are weird people around who think that a single person in China ate a live bat (One person, that I know personally, told me, in totalyconfusion, that it was eels!), And so he infected the entire Planet!

Of all that I read and see about catastrophic and "a bigger picture than us", I laugh, and the same question and observation always comes spontaneously: but where are the logic and the real conclusion in these shocking videos and declarations?

Are you sure that your video doesn't create more panic of the panic already we have it?

One of my teachers, in my early school years, always teach me and taught everyone to keep in mind that "the logic of what is said and written and make sense of the sentences we speak ".

I must say that I never forgot her lessons


This way of behaving in front of writing or a film or whatever it is, even observing the pure nature I first think of the logic and purpose of his behaviour.

I must say that I always see it either in front of everything.

I can see the consequences of things, and so I know the logic and effect of what is really going on in the world (the Virus) and the non-logic of those who think that everything is exaggerated. "why....…"

At a Cinema in London wrote, in the space typically dedicated to the title of the upcoming film: "Cinema closed. Until real life doesn't feel like a movie. Stay safe. Be kind ".

So, we have people try to be "protagonist", "Gurus" and obsession with "conspiracy", they should read the sign of that Cinema and understand that "real life at the moment is not a film", even if it seems.

To close my today post, I would like to show you a video that I find instead sensitive, instructive and auspicious.

Without a doubt, the world will be different in three or four months, perhaps 2021 will be the beginning of a "new life" for the entire humanity.

So, I leave you with the video.

Enjoy it and think about it for a moment, instead of wasting time on various conspiracies that don't exist.