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Thanks, Basilio for the Rum

Last December 31st, I hadn't planned anything special.

2019 had been a tough year that I wanted to forget as soon as possible.

So just a few friends to say goodbye together at the end of the year and a family dinner in my hometown as it hadn't happened for precisely 20 years.

The weather was like Easter, certainly not what you aspect on New Year's Eve. Still, in the evening a freezing wind had set in, which often blows in the Mediterranean Island, the place where I was, and I have born.

I remember there was a small Circus, just near my parents' house. I had read an announcement inviting people to show up after midnight for a toast, dance and song altogether.

The appointment was for a few minutes after midnight. With Basilio, we found ourselves inside the tent to say bye-bye to the year.

A few words of circumstance, various wishes and in common the happiness that 2019 was finally over.

I had never enjoyed so much to see the end of the year before, and Basilio had the same feeling.

Happy of the situation, we decide to have a drink, and a Rum was what we needed and what we drank.

I went to order, but they only took cash that night. I had just a credit card with me, and I had to go back to him to ask for the money to pay the Rum.

I promised myself to give him the money back the next day.

We were celebrating the year just started from few minutes, and an oblivious "Happy 2020" came, "Finally this shit year is gone", "It was time for 2020 to come", "It will be a great year".

I don't remember who said that I try to think was Basilio to say the last phrase, not me. Maybe was me, but I won't belive I need to blame him and not myself.

Then, the day after, I forgot to give Basilio the money back.

Luckily, it would have been a mockery that that series of good wishes had cost me money, in light of current events.

Thanks, Basilio for the drink that evening.

I will pay you back at the next New Years Eve, but please could we avoid the wishes and talk about women and football instead?