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"Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time deid”

The next time you pass in front of a cemetery, remember this Scottish quote. Think that those who are now buried in that cemetery have had our same thoughts, our same worries and think about how the heaviness of their living days today has turned into the lightness of a long time of death.

Think about the time we spend trying to make things right, to solve the problems of others, about what is really important in life, to run from one meeting to another? Having a lot of money in your pocket? Being so busy that the only thought is money and work? Check email every ten minutes. Panic to respond as soon as possible.

Never having time to sit, to observe, think, reflect, watch, read, listen (people and music) in the last few years. Too busy. Too much pressure.

Brexit, Business, personal situations. Too much for an average human being like as am I. I'm not prepared, and I'm not born for this.

Probably nothing is logical in what we usually do or try to do. After all, do not think that it is ironic to chase anything, not have time to rest and then find yourself (even against any desire), however, lying in a meadow, surrounded by thousands of other people in the same position, in silence, without speaking, .....forever.

And then do not allow time to run away, seek a rebellion against the things written by others, escape the rhythm of the always busy life.

Find time for yourself. Find the time for the people you love.

Try to understand when people you love send you a strong message.

Before it's too late.

Fight for true freedom, personal freedom.

I will take the next weekend off; it was a busy time recently and trying to convince myself that it was just a regular time and that I could manage everything.

Doesn't matter how big is it the task.

I'm trying to isolate myself from being under stress, could I have managed to show something different to the people around me? I don't think so. Let's hope I will do next week.

There is something in the air. I feel it.