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  • Massimo Usai

And you may ask yourself...

Days when the most repeated status on social media is: "but I have heard/read since:

- at work

- "I woman" magazine

- my cousin

- butcher

- post office

- a mail arrived I don't know from whom

- I don't remember where

- the "fairy tale minister" dreamed tonight

That it is impossible to catch the infection

Which only affects the old


That no one knows seriously ill people around

That there is an organization that wants to destabilize the world ...

That there are those of the pharmaceutical industries that are making money by selling masks and vinyl gloves ...

That is all invented "to control our mind" and be able to control us better in the society (as if this we really needed for this. Like we aren't already in this! Where are you living? in the cloud?)

And you say to yourself...:

but why am I here wasting time since everyone knows everything?

Why I went to school, and many other people studied up to take the Nobel?

And you may ask yourself:

Why I still reading books and serious magazines correctly when it was enough to play the PlayStation all the time. Why I'm not dressing like a Nepalese living in Europe? Why I'm not an "Alternative Guru eating Vegan"?

Why I'm not a narcissist and share two or three "cool statuses" between similar friends on social networks?!

Easy life.

Not worrying.

You know everything without lose time to study and read boring books.

A game on your computer, a beer with few friends in the evening. Late and lazy at home and life is excellent! Who cares about the rest? Old people are dying? Sick young people as well? Hey, but I'm ok. I just make the new record in my best video game!

I'm really, I didn't understand anything about life.

I was convinced till now that been very well informed, and in the same time keep going educated myself was so important not just for me, but I was thinking was and a kind of respect for the people I really love and are next to me, physical or only in my heart.

For them, not for me. Because I love all of you and I'm not a fucking narcissist.

And I'm upset because I want everyone to be saved and not a fucking living in the clouds.

Because from the clouds, when you are falling down, you broke your legs and the leg of the people you catch in your fall.

Jesus. I'm distraught. 😠